Family Love

Hand Lawn Mower

One thing we all enjoyed growing up was family love...Then in those days marriage meant forever... These days they say a wedding costs up to $30000 and lasts about 5 years. Our daughter eloped back in 1988 and didn’t cost us a cent. Alas, both our kids are divorced.

Do you remember the following:

  1. Dunnies down the back
  2. Milk delivered in bulk into waiting containers
  3. A bloke driving a dray shouting out PROPS!! No hills hoist in those days
  4. An ice man delivering ice as no refrigeration in house
  5. Mum scrubbing clothes on a board as we didn’t have a washing machine
  6. Pushing an old mower

These are just a few happy memories from growing up...

Later, TV... Luckily in Darwin, this didn't happen til late 1960s

Have you listened to the song Coalminers Daughter? I married Jenny whose father had been a coal miner in Collie W.A.

They did it tough in the early days for very poor wages.. Now all open cut and mechanically mined ..

As I said in the opening sentence , what a wonderful way to grow up with so much family love

Regards Terry

P.S try explaining all the above to grand kids and great grand kids They cannot apprehend!!!

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  1. I remember all of those things, Terry.
    Plus another one that people just can't believe now.
    We didn't have to put our garbage bins out on the street.
    The garbos parked their truck, came into the property, fetched the bin from the back, carried it out to the truck, emptied it AND PUT IT BACK at the back of the house.
    And often swinging the bin at a barking dog ("get away, ya mongrel") who was convinced he was stealing something valuable.
    Sometimes I wonder if I dreamt it!

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