Mick ‘n’ Me: 3 Short Stories

Where and When: SLC Late 1950s

by Terry Stafford

A Very Short Promotion

I was told on Friday that I was picked to play in the 1st 15..as I got on the bus I was told by Br. Lloyd I was dropped! The joys of rugby at SLC..

TAS Sports Day

In 1959 at the exhibition grounds I won the 880 yds and then sat in the stands and drank some soft drink.. Next thing , Br. Lloyd approached me and told me the 220yd event had to be rerun and that Paul Carlton would then be unable to run in the 440 straight after so I would have to do it . I protested as I was buggered but had to obey he helped me get ready and a packet of smokes fell out of my pocket..to cut a long story short , I ran and won in what I think was the slowest time In about 10 years.. the other runners must have been bloody hopeless.

The ATC (Air Training Corps)

The cadets I did an NCO course at Amberly over the Christmas break in 1958 but never got promoted.. and the CO was Br. Lloyd

Don’t think I was the apple eye of Br. Lloyd!!!