We must have had the only swimming pool ever built on small pieces of silver. Charlie Morton forges Br Michael Lloyd’s initials to win a prize. Read on…

Here are some memories of growing up in the 1950s. Our children and grandchildren can hardly imagine any of this. But family love held it all together.

Our (normally bi-annual) class reunion lunch for 2022 was held on Thursday the 20th of October at the Pineapple Hotel, Kangaroo Point. The traditional bangers and mash was on the menu, as usual.

In the 1950s, corporal punishment was a totally accepted method of discipline. And perhaps nowhere more so than among the Christian Brothers.

Each Brother was armed with a short, stubby strap, generally black or dark brown.

It was administered at high speed (whack!) to the outstretched palm of the offending pupil, typically one, two or three times to a maximum of six.