Them’s the Breaks

Scene: Junior (Year 10) Classroom with Br (Mick) Lloyd

by Terry Stafford

One week before the Junior exam I was called to the front of the class room...Don’t know what I was supposed to have done, then I was smashed in the face and ended up on my arse at the back of the room...result a broken nose and my last day as a student!!! I understand Mick left the brothers at the end of the year..

I did return to sit the Junior exam.

How did my parents react? They asked what I had done wrong!! I was surprised when the item disappeared, and it was then I got angry and assumed the good brothers had managed to destroy another truth...I did speak to the QPS who suggested I had a case to pursue, but I declined and to this day, I still support the old boys foundation...

After I left school I continued my education at night school where I met with some success.. I was promoted to an APS position in Darwin in 1963 and stayed in the NT until 1996 when we left and retired to gods own country at Sandstone Point..

Interesting , these days that people need counselling if any thing goes wrong whereas after cyclone Tracey we just got on with life!!