NCO Course

by Terry Stafford

At the nco course at Amberly in late 1958 Charlie Morton became a patient at the hospital. I went to visit him and one of the orderlies told me the hospital had run out of sugar and asked me to go to the officers mess and ask for some. He told me to go in the front door and ask the first officer I saw for some sugar... No, I didn’t get any sugar but got a gob full of abuse and the mess thought it was a good joke!!! Maybe that's why ithis LAC didn’tget his stripes.

Visitors In the late 90's

A Rugby carnival was held in Darwin and the organisation was looking for billets... I noticed that three SLC players were in the Qld squad and as I was batching at that time, I put the lads up... Turned out one of them was Charlie Morton's nephew. They were great guests and I complimented their behaviour back to the college.

1966 visitors to our place were Doyly, Northy and McKay... Don’t think we had extra beds so they probably put their swags on the floor!!

Regards Staffo