Footy Coach Pep Talk


When we were at school, there were two teaching orders in the Catholic boys education system, the (Irish) Christian Brothers and the Marist Brothers. The Christian Brothers were founded in Ireland by Edmund Rice in 1802. The Marist Brothers were founded in France by Marcellin Champagnat in 1817. (It's actually a little more complicated than that, but that's the condensed version).

St Laurence's was a Christian Brothers school and Ashgrove was Marist Brothers.

Both schools were in a competitive group called TAS (The Associated Schools). This was similar to GPS, though not as prestigious. Rivalry was intense.

In most competitions, St Laurence's and Ashgrove battled it out for the top spot. And most times coming in at the bottom was the Lutheran school St Peter's.

The reference at the end was contemporary at the time I made the video. A prominent Rugby player was accused (and supported by both anecdotal and video evidence) of sticking his finger up the bum of opposing players. Fairly distracting, I would imagine. No wonder that no one wanted to shake hands with him after the game!


Turn your sound on. Although the dialog's in German, it enhances the sub-titles.