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Cusack Goes Apeshit

It was 1953 and we had all just started in Grade 4 at St Laurence's College. Such a change from the nuns at a Catholic convent school.

The photo above is St Patrick's at Strathfield (Sydney) where our teachers were trained.

Our new teacher was Brother Cusack (for some reason, the Irish Christian Brothers were referred to by their family name, rather than the more historical given name). It didn't really matter, as we were instructed to refer to them as "Sir" in both the first person (Excuse me, Sir) and the third person (Sir said...).

So here was our first teacher on our road to becoming men.

Brother Cusack (I never learnt his first name, so if any of my fellow students know it, please respond below) was an earnest young fellow of, I'm guessing now, around 20 years of age. He was in control of a class of some 60 or so nine year olds. He had us again in Grade 6.

More on that later. This is just recounting one incident.