“Nostalgia. It’s just not what it used to be.”

I’m indebted to my regular email correspondents Terry Quinn, Denis Campbell and Rod Mackay for most of the initial contributions in this section.

Let’s preserve as much as possible.

This includes memories as well as photographs.

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  1. Denis Campbell

    Subject: FW: Hernon obsequies

    Folks Br Brian Grenier has advised as below of the sad passing of Br Denis Hernon.

    I do not think he taught any of us, but in Junior (1959) we were located upstairs next to his grade V class room. I recall one afternoon during a history
    class Br Crawford located us in the veranda outside Br Hernon’s class room to “study” in silence. Cannot recall why the relocation was necessary (fumigation of our room?? I hear you suggest.)
    What I do recall was that for most of our “study” lesson we were subjected to listening to a story Br Hernon delivered to the Grade Vs.

    (A) What I can’t recall in any real detail is what the story was about, except that it involved a train journey, and was very entertaining, both for us, and, judging by the laughter from inside, the Grade Vs.
    (B) None of our history syllabus was absorbed that afternoon.
    (C) Br Hernon finished the story by playing the recording of the Seekers “Morningtown Ride”.

    I wonder if anyone can recall that story.


    Denis C.

    Subject: Hernon obsequies

    Hi Denis

    Br Denis Hernon taught Grade V at SLC while I was stationed there. You would not have been in his class; but you may remember him. Funeral details in today’s CM.

    Brian Grenier

    Dear Brothers,
    The arrangements for Denis’ farewell are as follows:
    The Vigil will be held at St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace on Tuesday, July 16th at 7.00pm

    The Eucharistic Celebration of the life and gift of Denis will be held at St Joseph’s Nudgee College on Wednesday, July 17th at 10.00am
    Interment will be at Nudgee cemetery following the Eucharistic celebration.

    Refreshments will be served at The Oceania Province Centre following the burial.

    Our thanks to the College Principals, their staff and all at OPC for these arrangements.

    (You may wish to inform Denis’ many friends of these arrangements.)

    Take care

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